PhiLSAT Exemption


Can anyone be exempted from taking the Philippine Law School Admission Tests?


Item 10 of Legal Education Board Memorandum Order (LEBMO) No. 7 s. 2016 provides that “honor graduates granted professional civil service eligibility pursuant to PD No. 907 who are enrolling within two (2) years from their college graduation are exempted from taking and passing the PhiLSAT for purposes of admission to the basic law course.”

Accordingly, two basic requisities must concur.

  1. An applicant is an honor graduate granted professional civil service eligibility. Normally, for colleges and universities authorized by the Commission on Higher Education, these honor graduates are those who graduated with Latin honors, e.g., cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude.
  2. An applicant is enrolling to a law school within two (2) years from their college graduation.

An Application for Exemption from PhiLSAT and a Certification Form (Certification that the applicant has indeed graduated with honors) must be duly filled up by the applicant and sworn to before a notary public. These two documents will be sent to the office of the Legal Education Board in Ermita, Manila.


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