Tweets of the Past Week: April 22-28, 2017

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Humor is not in short supply this week, as our witty Twitter friends have shown. We share to you the finest law-related tweets for the past week:

Law school related rants abound.

I can truly relate.

Another classic rant regarding law professors.

And another rant against law school in its entirety.

How can we even relate the summer heat to remedial law?

Now, how do you feel when you are called in class twice? Feels like death perhaps.

Feels like Bea perhaps.

Well, speaking of Bea, I think we have a good prediction about the title of her next movie!

We all live for the Kris Aquino memes.

We all know how being hooked in a mobile game feels like.

How does being in law school affect your daily conversations? Here’s one.

A trip to the Pinto Art Museum showed us compelling art about UST.

Well, to begin the week, we were all #shookt with how the UST-Central Student Council elections rolled out. It appears that none of the major party candidates won, two independent candidates were seated, and four positions remained empty after abstain won. They said UST woke up.

Still, the oldest university is never short of controversy — this time, with an ill-thought elevator policy.

Lastly, we are shocked. SC Spokesperson Theodore Te announced the day of the release of the bar results. We’re excited for the bar takers!

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