Binibining Pilipinas 2017 questions as answered by law students

We take a quirky look at the questions during the Bb. Pilipinas 2017 coronation night, and we pretend that these are recitation questions.

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rachel peters bb pilipinas 2017
Rachel Peters, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2017, being crowned by Maxine Medina. (Photo from Inquirer)
Q: Describe the best day of your life

A: Definitely, it is the day that made me smile a lot, it is the day that made me thank God for all the blessing I have — that day was when I was not able to read any cases, and I was not called by my professor for recitation. Thank you.

Q: Is it right that parents demand support from children in exchange for raising them?

A: Yes. Under Article 195 of the Family Code, parents and childten are obliged to give support to one another. Article 203 adds that the obligation to give support shall be demandable from the time the person who has a right to receive the same needs it for maintenance. Therefore, I see nothing wrong with demanding support. In fact, it is right. Thank you.

Q: What is your definition of a winner?

A: Winner. That is a big word, but for me, the definition of a winner is one who receives a favorable decision rendered by a court of competent jurisdiction — on a civil case, that may mean being the recipient of an award for damages, and on a criminal case, that may mean an acquittal on the part of the accused, or a conviction on the part of the victim. Thank you.

Q: What activity that is male-oriented that you can do equally or better than males?

A: My answer would be observing due diligence. Currently, our Civil Code provides that ordinary diligence is the diligence of a good father of a family. However, I am more diligent, and I believe that my extraordinary diligence is the diligence of a good mother of a family.

Q: If you are caught in traffic, what do you do to make your time productive?

A: Traffic is indeed a crisis in the Philippines. If caught in traffic, I always open my codal, read laws, try to apply it in hypothetical and real-life scenarios, and understand it. Eventually, when I become a lawyer, I can use what I have learned while in EDSA and help my fellow Filipinos get the justice that they deserve. Thank you.

Q: What is the most significant change you have made in pursuit of being a beauty queen?

A: The most significant change I have made in pursuit of being a beauty queen is when, because of this pageant, I was not able to review for my exams in Political Law, and I was able to amend the Constitution in my answers. Thank you.

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Q: What other strength can you show as a Filipino to the whole universe?

A: The strength that I can show as a Filipina, which strength we all Filipinos have, is the ability to withstand fortuitous events — no matter how unforeseeable and inevitable, we always remain resilient and valiant. We are like Supreme Court decisions, stare decisis, we stand and are not disturbed. We are never extinguished. In challenges, we never abscond. In life, we have been perfected.

Q: What is the role of a beauty queen in a country that lacks unity?

A: The role of a beauty queen in a country that lacks unity, is, obviously, to unite — through my radiating beauty, my unifying presence, and my pacifying voice. I would like to be an ambassador of peace, goodwill, amicable settlement, mediation, and conciliation. Thank you.

Q: What do you think are the reasons why the Philippines is a pageant powerhouse in the world?

A: Thank you for that wonderful question. A State has three inherent powers — police power, eminent domain, and taxation. A Filipina, on the other hand, has three inherent powers, too — beauty, intelligence, and congeniality — and I believe that these are the reasons why Philippines is a force to be reckoned with in pageants. Thank you.

Q: Do you think that the Philippines should legalize same-sex marriage?

A: Our Family Code does not allow same-sex marriage, but I believe that should be changed. Article II, Section 11 of the Constitution provides that the State guarantees full respect for human rights. Article III, Section 1 provides equal protection to everyone. Article II, Section 14 recognizes the fundamental equality before the law of men and women. There must be no discrimination as to who to love and who to not love based on gender, and I believe that same-sex civil marriages must be allowed.

Q: Are you for or against death penalty?

A: I am against death penalty. The judicial rate of error on death penalty cases is too high to risk a wrongful conviction and a wrongful execution. Time and time, death penalty has been proven to be an ineffective deterrent of crime. The measure is also oppressive against the poor, who has no means to avail the services of a highly competent counsel and is at greater risk of being convicted.

Q: What is your view on cursing?

A: Cursing may be acceptable. Cursing is normal, but cursing should not be used in all circumstances. When I was picked for recitation, I suddenly said “Sh*t”, and I was scolded by my professor. When my professor asked if I was sure with my answer, I knew that I am unsure and I said “f*ck”, and the whole class laughed. Cursing is normal, but one should not use it during recitation. Thank you.

Q: What is your message to the bullies and their parents?

A: To the bullies, you deserve a restraining order and a gag order for your actions. An injunction shall lie on your wrongdoings. Damages are due. Conviction for unjust vexation is proper. Good faith is absent. To their parents, prepare for a long and tedious litigation. See you in court.

Q: What fear do you have that you would like to conquer?

A: It is the fear of failing — the fear that makes my pen shake when answering case-type questions on exams. It is the fear of saying a wrong answer — the fear that makes me stutter during grilling recitations. It is the fear of committing mistakes — the fear that makes me doubt if I become a lawyer. I would like to overcome to fear and have self-confidence. I am determined to be a lawyer.

Q: What is your message to the leaders of ASEAN?

A: In this world full of divisiveness, my message to the leaders of the ASEAN is to always uphold your own country’s Constitution. Always remember that your allegiance belongs to your country and your loyalty belongs to its citizens.  Thank you.

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