OPINION: We don’t bash Mocha for…

Mocha Uson, without a doubt, is a major force in social media. She is the subject of a lot of bashing, but this is what she should not be bashed for.

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Mocha is not the most likable of persons. Others may find her irritating. Others may find her as the patron saint of fake news. For many, her past as a sex guru still sticks to the person, but to reduce Mocha to such is ignoring her prowess, her genius of rising from the political shadows to the limelight of being a leading political voice in social media, and the effects of such rise, whether disastrous or beneficial.

However, we don’t bash Mocha Uson for her past. We don’t bash Mocha Uson for her identity as a sexy star or a sex guru. How are we different to the random faceless Facebook accounts throwing ad hominem if we ourselves contributes to the toxicity by namecalling Mocha?

In criticizing Mocha, we tackle the issues, not her past YouTube videos. We tackle her perceived incompetency, her alleged falsehoods, and her actions’ impropriety. We describe her influence, be it good or bad, without being sexual in any sense. To reduce her to a “pepe” is misogyny. To look at her as a sexy star is actually a limit to the capabilities of humans to change. Admit it: she is an influencer. I might go as far as saying that she is instrumental in changing the course of Philippine history as she is one of the people that propelled Duterte to a landslide win.

She was a sex guru. She is a sexy star, but she is not just a sexy star. She is an MTRCB Board Member. She is an Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO). That is more than just a sexy star.