“I Love You” Lawyered Style

Everyone can express their love, but not everyone can express it the way a lawyer can.

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Image from viki.com from a Korean series entitled “Divorce Lawyer in Love”.

Your love cannot be appropriated by any other.

Well, you don’t have as scary as this doctor’s suitor.

You can be as sweet as one of the most romantic letters in Philippine jurisprudence.

Maybe you do not need to invoke jurisprudence, because your love is sui generis.

Perhaps, you can make it conditional.

How can we invoke the gory subject of Criminal Law into love?!

Can love be the subject of an agreement?

What are the characteristics of love?

Assuming arguendo that it cannot be the subject of an agreement, to love is our constitutional right.

This is true love in 140 characters.

And of course, make your loveΒ an everlasting oath.

Make it as formal and as clear and as unequivocal as you possibly can.

If she won’t believe, comply with the Rules on Evidence.

Comply it in such a way that you introduce a new quantum of proof.

If you get denied, file a Motion for Reconsideration.

If worse comes to its worst, you have no choice but to make that warrantless arrest.

Finally, the disposition. Say it with finality. Say it with immutability. Say it with the binding effect of res judicata!


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