Lights were out in USC Law, but classes continue

Blackouts can’t stop people at USC Law from doing their excellent and usual daily grind.

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Photo from @VanillaEla

The University of San Carlos College of Law, after dominating the 2016 Bar Exams, was, unfortunately, afflicted with a power outage. However, in their culture of excellence, learning never stops even when the bulbs stop to give their light. Recitations and discussions continue as if the room is well lit. Below are tweets from the brave students of USC Law, armed with their codals and some improvised lighting from their devices. Perhaps a future topnotcher recited one of the topics today that will appear at the Bar Exams when he or she will take it.

Twitter user @seasawn said that the brownouts occurred past 7:00pm. Twitter user @ceedeeragay told YLS that they really held classes in the dark, complete with the usual recitation. Indeed, no amount of darkness can stop enthusiastic law students from learning (or more enthusiastic law professors from teaching)!