Product Slogans for Students

So, YLS, with the help of funny people on Twitter, came up with witty product slogans for students of law and of other fields. Enjoy!

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Let’s start with some colorful highlighters.

Of course, highlighters abound.

And another highlighter…

This innocent paper is not as innocent as it seems.

Pencils for the fatigued.

How about pencils to draw your excessive love?

Colorful index cards with a not-so-colorful thought.

If only this eraser is really effective…

This post-it note to remind us of what we have fruitlessly pursued.

Since books cause us stress, here’s some heartbreak from books.

Thicken the book, and we exacerbate the heartbreak.

And when we put them in shelves…

What did notebooks do to us?

Even our thin fillers can trigger us.

And can readings make us numb?

And can readings make us loved?

The thicker the reading, the more feels we get.

This table…

And this table that we can lean on…

As much as they support our books, they can support us, too.

Well, here’s a happy truth.

The most honored document of law students–

Perhaps we can invoke our constitutional right to be loved?

Here’s to your fighting spirit.

Even provisions of the Family Code are not safe.

An entire law, the Revised Penal Code, was likewise not spared.

Here’s a motion for reconsideration.

This ends here. Ito ang desisyon na final and executory para sa mga taong hindi na tumatanggap ng sorry.