Jimmy Bondoc enters San Beda Law. Twitter reacts.

Jimmy Bondoc is now a freshman at San Beda Law. Of course, the legal community at Twitter presented their evidence and delivered some memes.

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Photo from Jimmy Bondoc’s Facebook page

Jimmy Bondoc was born James Patrick Romero Bondoc. He is a musician, particularly famous for giving us the heartbreaking ballad “Let Me Be The One”. Recently, he was also appointed as the Assistant Vice President for Entertainment of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

At the age of 42, Jimmy Bondoc enters San Beda College of Law, a law school known for producing many Bar topnotchers and prominent lawyers.

During the orientation for freshman law students at San Beda, of course, if you have a celebrity singer sitting with the crowd, you might as well have him serenade the crowd.


At first, we are as #shookt as you are. But yes, Twitter has video evidence of his presence at San Beda College of Law.

Evidence abound, Your Honor.

Not everyone will believe that he is now indeed a law student — it does not seem to be part of his priorities considering that he is already successful — but he already attends his classes and he is out to do more.

Of course, Twitter’s wildly imaginative mind knows no limits, and we predicted Jimmy Bondoc’s future in law school.

When the class is in peril, who will volunteer for a recitation? Yup. Jimmy Bondoc.

When the class is anxious to go home, who’s the brave soul who’ll call the attention of the professor?

Unfortunately, it is not all the time that it is Jimmy who will sing his hits for San Beda. Sometimes, it is San Beda that will sing his hits for him.

Well, perhaps, with the intense emotions that Jimmy will feel during his stay in San Beda Law, it’s not far-fetched to predict that a new album will come.

Upon deliberation, if asked for a grade, what grade will Jimmy Bondoc choose?

How will he participate in an extrajudicial partition?

When he is a judge in a Family Court…

Of course, in the end, we have to appreciate the artist for pursuing further education.

We wish him all the success in law school, and we likewise wish that he will faithfully uphold the law that as he learns it. Enjoy law school, Jimmy Bondoc!