Law Movie Spinoffs

What if lawyers think of titles for the movies we love?

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The legal community can be so full of jargons, and when mixed with our modern and light pop culture, the terms that were once our source of headache can be our source of laughter.

First, let’s get into some horror, for the study of law is a horrific one.

Then we ask a question, we reinvent the cast. Perhaps we already have fifteen people to save the world from unjust villains.

The study of law can actually feel like wizardry. It’s full of magic — magic perhaps in the production of grades and magic on your part in mincing and guessing the right answer.

Well, of course, this list would not be complete without a criminal law doctrine. The list of aggravating circumstances is one of the lengthiest provisions we encounter as freshmen law students.

Who knew that the Supreme Court itself can come up with a movie? We won’t have protagonists and antagonists, but appellants and appellees. We won’t have scriptwriters; we’ll have a ponente instead!

Wait! Is Dory in flagrante delicto?

I don’t even want to inquire about the life of Miss Peregrine.

Well, we thought he’s gone, but now we see him.

As they say to kids, “liars go to hell”. In the 21st century language, it’s better to say “liars are perjured”, “liars are held in contempt” or “liars are visited by Valak”.

Have you read the updated Rules on Evidence?

We simply don’t call them “teenage”, we call them by some fancy albeit outdated legalese “unemancipated minor”.

With all the killings happening right now, I don’t think this is humor, but I fear we’re all in articulo mortis.

Oh, and by the way, have you watched films from the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino? If you haven’t, then you should!

The movie that may be subject of a warrantless search and seizure:

I hope you remember our National Territory with this movie.

And finally, the latest in a blockbuster series that combines Wills and Successions and Criminal Law.