Next-level Beadles: 1C 2017-18 of UST Law

One law school section is breaking the internet with their enthusiastic approach of engaging their classmates in social media.

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Within the dominating walls of the Main Building of the University of Santo Tomas sit a bunch of very hopeful and enthusiastic freshmen law students, ready to conquer law school and perhaps the world.

They set up their section’s own Twitter account. Here it is.


“1C 2017-2018, Lawyers by 2022.” Oh look at that shared ambition. All smiles in their cover photo with their fingers shaped like “C”. They are wearing their Student Council-provided Freshmen shirt. What a good start for the academic year.

They started tweeting, and this got us hopeful about them, too.

Karir! That’s taking the role of class beadle to the next level. They have their set of officers, and they all seem so dedicated about it that they even made a publicity material for it!

Here are their subject coordinators — a different beadle per subject or perhaps someone to pool their resources for a particular subject. Whatever the role of a subject coordinator is, this section seems to be efficient!

Well, of course, others may doubt if this enthusiasm will be sustained. Sa umpisa lang ‘yan, as many will dismiss this greatness. What should be appreciated is that they are off to a good start, and at least, in this way, they are tipping the unpredictable scales of law school in their favor. In the battlefield of law school, at least they are doing the best that they can to make law school a less harsh place.

Good job (so far!), 1C!