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Remedial Law 2017 Bar Questions

One of the heaviest exams in the Bar is the exam in Remedial Law. Here are the questions for Remedial Law in the 2017 Bar


Criminal Law 2017 Bar Questions

Here are the very vivid questions on the Criminal Law 2017 Bar Exams. This is a work of fiction, but a lot of questions border so close to reality, such as tarpaulins as substitute for “cardboard justice” or the delay in Tacloban typhoon relief. See the questions here.


Mercantile Law 2017 Bar Questions

I. A. Absolute Timber Co. (ATC) has been engaged in the logging business in Isabela. To secure one of its shipments of logs to be transported by Andok Shipping Co., ATC purchased a marine policy with an all-risk provision. Because of a strong typhoon then hitting Northern Luzon, the vessel sank and the shipment of

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Taxation 2017 Bar Questions

Here are the Taxation 2017 Bar Questions. Questions covered almost all taxes – from the important topics of income taxation down to the tiny details of documentary stamp tax. Jurisdiction and constitutionality of tax statutes were likewise asked.


Civil Law 2017 Bar Questions

Here are the questions for the Civil Law 2017 Bar Examinations. The Civil Law 2017 Bar exam is surprisingly overwhelmed by questions relating to Property Law.