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Opinion: Damayan ang Kadamay

Kadamay has been painted as the extreme anarchic mendicant. In this opinion piece, we tackle that even though in the first instance, Kadamay did not have the right to occupy the vacant houses, Kadamay should stay in the houses.

Tweets of the Past Week: April 22-28, 2017

Humor is not in short supply this week, as our witty Twitter friends have shown. We share to you the finest law-related tweets for the past week: Law school related rants abound. Pang Dean’s lister na nung college ang effort mo sa law school ngayon, pero kakabahan ka pa maka 75 Lang. #PeroLabanLang @YourLawyerSays —

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Tweets of Today: April 21, 2016

Well, to be frank, it is a common misconception among people that the study of law only involves rote memorization. Time to shatter that! It may sound all fun and games with the study of contracts, but honestly, it’s stressful. All these index cards… Well, sometimes we are just ignored. #hugot Here is some motivation

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